[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updates for BackSlash Linux Kristoff

We have noticed some bugs in BackSlash Linux Kristoff and have released a small installer file which is intented to fix the bugs. If you’re running BackSlash Linux Kristoff or are intended to download it, please make sure you install this update to your system. ABOUT THE UPDATE:

    • [FIXED] Shortcuts in Dolphin File Manager Don’t work as expected.
    • [UPDATED] Launching BackSlash in VirtualBox, starts with saying KDE Neon, Instead of BackSlash Linux.
    • [UPDATED] Legal Notice in text Console.

HOW TO INSTALL THE UPDATE: Download the installer file from archive.backslashlinux.com/updates/kristoff-update_amd64.deb

Double click to install the file or type  in terminal to update.

 sudo dpkg -i kristoff-update_amd64.deb 

Reboot your system after the installation is finished.

Vote for the Update Poll: http://backslashlinux.boards.net/thread/80/announcement-updates-backslash-linux-kristoff#ixzz53A1XPdyI

Level 2 Asked on January 4, 2018 in General.
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