Failed to install Backslash Kristoff

I can not install Backslash Kristoff on my computer.
I get the “[Errno 5] Input/Output error” error during installation for no reason.
I tried many different situations (Physical installation, VM installation, using LVM, using entire disk, manual partitioning, etc), but no difference.
What is this error for and how should I fix this ?!



Failed to install Backslash Kristoff

Level 1 Asked on November 3, 2019 in General.

Please try downloading the iso again and reinstalling. Follow other recommended steps here –errno-5-input-output-error-when-trying-to-install

on May 13, 2020.
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anyone ?!

Level 1 Answered on November 4, 2019.
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same here, on complete new system with completely new parts and even in Virutal mashines in ESXI/Hyper-v it gives that error

Looks like the installer is defective/broken please fix that .


Level 1 Answered on January 29, 2020.
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There is no support from this distro at all.

Its a shame.

Level 1 Answered on February 16, 2020.
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