I recent found out that after install i was removed from both su and sudo usages i cannot use these to readd my self either

Yesterday i installed Kristoff and was going through updating and installing essentials for my computer… logged in today now i have no su or sudo perms and do to my hate of console have no understanding of it… i need to add the perms and rip ownership from root and back to my account but with out usergroups applet i cannot. and with absolutly no knowledge of console i cant find out how to do it. i searched google and (dreaded) bing and all it ever said was the same do sudo useradd -G madcarbon sudo-root… again i dont have access to this command as root took all ownership and i cant do anything about it what can i use that isnt command console to fix this.. searched for 22 hours before asking here ..

Level 1 Asked on January 28, 2018 in General.
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